SINERGO homes are equipped with the latest smart home automation technologies, providing the ideal indoor microclimate throughout the year.


the heating radiator is automatically switched on


the air conditioner is automatically switched on

MOISTURE 45% - 55%

below 45% › the air humidifier is automatically switched on
above 55% › the air dryer is automatically switched on


As soon as it WORSENS › the ventilation system automatically increases the inflow of fresh air in the premises.

Optimal indoor air comfort parameters are considered to be: temperature in the range from +20 to +24ºC, relative humidity from 45 to 55% and CO2 content not more than 1000 ppm.


CO2: Increased CO2 content most often occurs in premises, when you are visited by friends and relatives. CO2 cannot be easily noticed and felt, but this indicator has a significant impact on people’s well-being.

International studies (Adrie van der Luijt 2007, Olli Seppanen 2005) prove that CO2 content must not exceed 1000 ppm. It was found in a study that, if the CO2 content was above 800 ppm, people could observe unpleasant symptoms such as inflammation of the eyes and sinusitis, headache, fatigue and problems concentrating. When the concentration exceeded 1500 ppm, 79% of the respondents felt tired, while 97% of those who were periodically suffering from migraines already observed a headache at 1000 ppm. CO2 concentration of up to 500 ppm does not have any negative impacts on human health.

VOC: Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are chemicals that evaporate from furniture, plastic, detergents and many other products. They also emerge from cooking and burning candles. Although low concentrations are harmless to health, high concentrations can endanger your health. This is why VOCs are an important indicator of indoor air quality.

The ideal air quality at SINERGO homes is provided by the RENSON ventilation device with heat recovery. According to necessity the system will automatically regulate the fresh air supply and suction indoors, if the air quality is outside the normal range.


The moist appropriate humidity levels for a human body are 45 to 55%. If the humidity level in the air is lower, it has negative effects on our health, so it is important that the air humidity levels are optimal in the rooms where we spend most of the time.

Due to the influence of dry air, problems with wooden furniture, stairs, floors and doors may occur. This is especially true during the heating season, when the air humidity indoors often falls below 25%. When drying severely, wood starts to split and crack when used, gaps start to appear in parquet, etc.

Also, dry air contributes to drowsiness, dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, sensation of irritation in the nose and throat. The optimal relative humidity levels are especially important in premises where small children and infants live. Pediatricians recommend maintaining a relative humidity level of at least 50% in the rooms of infants and young children. If the air is too dry, it contributes to dryness of the skin, thus reducing the defensive abilities of the baby, creating thickening of concentrations in the nose, drying of the mucous membranes, etc. Often, the cause of discomfort and anxiety in infants is the consequences created by the side effects of dry air.

In contrast, too excessive moisture levels usually emerge due to drying clothes, cooking and showering and it increases the risk of allergies and diseases, as it is a favorable environment for different microorganisms to form and smells characteristic to mildew can develop. Increased air humidity can be observed most in summer and autumn.

It should be noted that in summer the air in the room is dried by the conditioner, because when the warm air of the room meets the cold air in the evaporator of the conditioner, the humidity from the warm air in the room is condensed in the evaporator bath and released out.

SINERGO smart home system automatically activates the air humidifier, if the humidity in the premises is below the normal limits, and turns on the air dryer if the humidity is above the normal limits.


Of course, we all have our own comfortable indoor temperature. It largely depends on the season – in winter we want the rooms to be warmer, while in summer – cooler. No less important is the intention of each specific room, for example, the heat in the kitchen may be a few degrees lower than in the bathroom.

In SINERGO homes, smart thermostats are installed in each room, that regulate the temperature separately. Thermostats are connected to the internet and it is possible to adjust the heating of the house using an Apple iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world.  It is also advisable to create various heating schedules, thus reducing the heating costs, because during the day when you are not home and at night, the temperature can be slightly lower than in the mornings and in the evenings.


  • for heating radiators and heated floors
  • Siri and Google Assistant voice control
  • possibility to create heating schedules
  • works on iOS and Android devices

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Elgato EVE Room climate assistant

  • air quality, humidity and temperature sensor
  • Siri voice control
  • works on Apple Homekit platform, iPhone and iPad only

product presentation VIDEO

Elgato EVE smart socket

  • for remote switching on and off of electrical appliances
  • Siri voice control
  • power consumption control
  • works on Apple Homekit platform, iPhone and iPad only

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Ceramic/infrared HYBRID heaters

  • the most suitable heating system for Passive homes
  • power of only 375 W
  • three technologies in one – infrared radiation, convection, heat accumulation

Air conditioner Midea BLANC

  • A++ class energy efficiency parameters
  • built-in premium class technologies
  • quiet operation
  • elegant design with hidden display

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RENSON Delta ventilation device

  • high heat recovery up to 87%
  • Passive House certified device
  • built-in air quality, CO2 and humidity sensors
  • remote smartphone control

Air dryer WOODS MRD20

  • compact and powerful air dryer
  • for an area of up to 80 m2
  • quiet operation

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Air humidifier STADLER FORM

  • quiet operation, suitable for bedrooms
  • elegant design
  • possible to add essential oils

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The technologies we offer run on an Apple Homekit smart home platform. It means that it is possible to control the home remotely using all iOS devices, such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The control centre of the smart home is an Apple TV device that also offers great Smart TV features. Over time it is possible to supplement the smart home system with a variety of Homekit compatible accessories, for example, to create united scenarios for home lighting, to open garage doors, to automate garden watering, to switch on/off any electrical equipment in the house, to execute video surveillance, etc.

But Heatmiser smart heating thermostats can also be connected to the Google Assistant platform for the remote control of heating from Android phones.

Find out more about the Apple Homekit system and features here.

Hey Siri, set the temperature in the living room to 22 degrees.

Smart thermostats are installed at SINERGO homes and the temperature of each room can be adjusted remotely from anywhere in the world!