A house without heating costs

If the house is equipped with solar cells, it is possible to produce as much electricity as is required to recoup the electrical heating costs throughout the year, making this house a zero-energy building, i.e., a house without heating costs!

Large windows on the south side with excellent sound and heat insulation

The windows are like solar collectors that heat the rooms in winter, spring and autumn, while the window overhang prevents the house from overheating in summer.

The roof design is suitable for Latvian weather

The permissible snow loading of up to 300 kg/m² (3 kN) is two to three times higher than the minimum requirements of Latvian construction norms.

Efficient ventilation with heat recovery

The automatic ventilation system provides fresh air all year round, without the need for dedicated ventilation of the house.

High-quality house facade decoration

To make sure the house still looks great in 10 years, the highest-quality decorative granite plaster and thermal wood decoration boards treated with natural linseed oil stain are used in the facade.

Well thought-out building structures

The excellent heat insulation, building structures without thermal bridges, the airtightness of the building and especially warm windows ensure a constant temperature in all corners of the house, even next to a window when the outside temperature is -10°C!

m2 living area

m2 total area including terrace and garage



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