SINERGO s120 Zero Energy House

m2 living area

m2 total area including terrace and garage


Floor plan

Energy efficiency

Passive house design uses the PHPP energy balance calculations in which all geometrical building data, thermal and physical properties or materials, data about the house users, heating and the ventilation system loading schedule are entered in detail and the building orientation and Latvian climate data are taken into account. Such calculations are required to verify if the house meets the Passive House standard.

PHPP values

  • Annual heating demand – 15 kWh/(m²a);
  • Air tightness (n50) – 0,4 h-1;
  • Heating load – 18.5 W/ m²;
  • Primary energy requirement (incl. solar energy gains) – 9.38 kWh/m² gadā.

Annual heating demand if house is positioned:

  • to south – 15kWh/(m²a);
  • to west – 27kWh/(m²a);
  • to east – 28kWh/(m²a);
  • to north -34kWh/(m²a).

PHPP calculation results